JELLIES/ JAMS-HOT                                         1st          Akaka Falls Farm- Passion Fruit Carolina Reaper

                                                                               2nd          Gables Delight- Guava Habanero

                                                                                3rd           The Jelly Queens- Six Pepper Jelly


JELLIES/ JAMS-MED                                        1st          Ann’s Raspberry Farm- Jalapeno Raspberry

                                                                                2nd          Rose City Pepperheads- Peaches & Scream

                                                                                3rd           Rollicking Buckaroo- Medium Pepper Jam


STEAK SAUCE                                                     1st          Bow Valley BBQ- Blueberry Merlot

                                                                                2nd          Jake & Aimee’s- Spicy Steak Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Johnson Berry Farm- Smokey Blackberry Sauce


WING SAUCE- MILD/MED                             1st          Wild Bill’s- Wing Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Rose City Pepperheads- Cherry Bomb

                                                                                3rd           My Chilli- Buffalo HotSauce

WING SAUCE- HOT/X-TRA HOT                   1st          Griffin’s Wing Sauce- Lethal Injection

                                                                                2nd          Johnson Berry Farm- Diablo Strawberry Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Bow Valley BBQ- Bow Grizzly

MUSTARD                                                           1st          Durango Artisan Foods- True Blonde Mustard

                                                                                2nd          Poppamies- Sinappi Vakeva Mustard

                                                                                3rd           River City Savories- Funky Unky’s Ghost Mustard


CHILI OILS                                                            1st          Don Chilio- Jalapeno Peppers in Olive Oil

                                                                                2nd          Zach’s Pesto & Chili- Trinidad Chilli Olej

                                                                                3rd           Burning Angel- Chili Oil No. 2

JERK SAUCE                                                        1st          Polar Bear Kitchen- Maad Jerk Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Hot Sauce.HU- Jerk Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Bow Valley BBQ- Total Jerk


SPICY HONEY                                                      1st          Fuego Spice Co.- Hot Hive Spicy Honey

                                                                                2nd          Chiller Manufakatura- Fusion Honey with Chili



RELISH/PICKLED VEGGIE S                             

                                                                                 1st          Cottage Lane Kitchen- Spicy Pepper Relish

                                                                                2nd          Ann’s Raspberry Farm- Savory Brussel Sprouts

                                                                                3rd           Powerful Pepper Co.- Hot Pickled Okra


TABLE SEASONING                                          1st          Salty Wahini- Hawaiian Passion Fruit & Guava Pepper

                                                                                2nd          Casa M Spice Co.- Pecking Order Seasoning

                                                                                3rd           Wing-A-Lings- Bonnie’s Blazin’ Dry Heat


SPICE BLEND                                                       1st          Steamin’ Steve’s- Tennessee Heat

                                                                                2nd          Splash Café- Beach BBQ Blend

                                                                                3rd           University of Que- The Quad


RUB-                                                                      1st          Bub’n Mutha’s- Honey’n Heat

                                                                                2nd          B.T. Leigh’s- Somethin’ to Cluck About

                                                                                3rd           Grim Reaper Foods- Sands of Time





SALSA- VERDE                                                    1st          Hellfire Hot Sauce- Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper

                                                                                2nd          Chili Pikanterie- Jalapeno

                                                                                3rd           Gabko Chili- Jalapeno wih Tequila


SALSA- FRUIT                                                     1st          Peppy Pete’s- Mango Habanero

                                                                                2nd          Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Pineapple Mango

                                                                                3rd           Chilis SK- Pineapple


SALSA- SPECIALTY                                            1st          Texas Twisster- Sweet-n- Spicy Jalapeno Relish

                                                                                2nd          Chilicum- Spicy Tomato Jam

                                                                                3rd           Nyuli Tuzes Chili- Morfinyul Salsa


SALSA- MILD/MEDIUM                                      1st          Christina Maser Pantry- Summer Salsa

                                                                                2nd          Tastin’ Jamaican- Gourmet Caribbean Salsa

                                                                                3rd           My Chilli- Sweet Onion


SALSA-HOT                                                         1st          Hotter Than El- Granny’s Habanero Salsa

                                                                                2nd          Olchili- Eros Oli Extra

                                                                                3rd           Zach’s Pesto & Chilli- Jalapeno Pesto


SALSA-XTRA HOT                                              1st          My Salsa- Reaper Pepper Salsa

                                                                                2nd          Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Satan’s Reaper

                                                                                3rd           Fructele Pamantului-  Dulceata de Ardei iute





BBQ- MUSTARD                                                1st          B.T. Leigh’s- The Clevelander

                                                                                2nd          Men Pa’w- Mustard Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Urban Q- Carolina Yeller


BBQ- VINEGAR                                                  1st          Smoky Jon’s – Fiery Supreme

                                                                                2nd          University of Que- G.P.A. Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Papa Chuck’s- Original BBQ Sauce


BBQ- FRUIT                                                         1st          Father & Son’s- Spicy Guayaba BBQ Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Butch’s- Happy Apple Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Jake & Aimee’s- Smokey Apricot Sauce


BBQ- ALCOHOL                                                 1st          Angel’s Share- Premium Meat Liquor

                                                                                2nd          Chiller Manufaktura- Gentleman Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Rising Smoke Sauceworks- Drunken Smokehouse BBQ Sauce


BBQ- CHIPOTLE                                                 1st           Rose City Pepperheads- Rockin’ Raspberry Chipotle

                                                                                2nd          Zach’s Pesto & Chili- Susene Svestky

                                                                                3rd           TD’s Brew & BBQ- Cherry Chipotle


BBQ- ASIAN                                                        1st           BBQ’n Fools- Teriyaki BBQ Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Culley’s- Korean BBQ Sauc


                                                                                3rd           Hoss Soss- Tamarind Sauce


BBQ- MILD                                                          1st           Fat Ferg’s- Sweet & Mild Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Poppamies- Sweet Liquorice BBQ Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Steamin’ Steve’s- Original BBQ Sauce


BBQ- MEDIUM                                                  1st          Urban Q- Smokin’ Hottie BBQ Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Nyuli Tuzes- BBQ Union

                                                                                3rd           Gabko Chili- Meat BBQ


BBQ- HOT                                                            1st          Burnt Ends Sauce Co.- Reverse Sear Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Chilicum- VIP BBQ Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Snaptail Smokers- Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce


BBQ- XTRA HOT                                                 1st          Lucky 19 Sauce Co.- The Devil’s Own

                                                                                2nd          Klowns on Fire- Extreme Peach Reaper BBQ Sauce

                                                                                3rd           13 Angry Scorpions- Jekyll & Hyde BBQ Sauce


BBQ- GLUTEN FREE                                          1st           BBQ Buddha- Memphis Mop Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Full Boar BBQ- Sweet & Spicy Sauce

                                                                                3rd           BBQ Stu’s- Steel City Blast Furnace Sauce







HOT SAUCE- ASIAN                                         1st          Weak Knees- Gochujang Sriracha

                                                                                2nd          Hoss Soss- Bi- Bim Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Chilis SK- Sweet & Sour


HOT SAUCE- CARIBBEAN                               1st          Culley’s- Tropical Caribbean

                                                                                2nd          Tommy’s Hot Sauce- Sunrise Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Powerful Pepper Company- Pineapple Plantain


HOT SAUCE- CHIPOTLE                                   1st          Rising Smoke Sauceworks- Buenos Nachos Hot Sauce

                                                                                2nd          K-SaucE- K5 “Keenan’s Killer Chipotle Sauce”

                                                                                3rd           Pyrate Isle- Flintlock Hot Sauce


HOT SAUCE- LATIN                                          1st          Gabko Chili- Tex-Mex Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Soothsayer- Typesetter Tequila Verde

                                                                                3rd           Gindo’s- Scotch Bonnet & Tequila


HOT SAUCE- LOUISIANA                                1st          Pepplish Provisions- Mango Garlic Hickory

                                                                                2nd          H Sauce- Original

                                                                                3rd           Cottage Lane Kitchen- Hissy Fit Hot Sauce


HOT SAUCE- PEPPER BLEND                         1st          Soothsayer- Peppers in a Scotch Glass

                                                                                2nd          Warrant Man- Homicide Hot Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Mikey V’s- Sam Sauce


HOT SAUCE- FRUIT                                          1st          Born to Hula- Los Mangos

                                                                                2nd          Chili Pikanterie- Cerny Rybiz & Kava

                                                                                3rd           Klowns on Fire!- Kiss of the Klown


HOT SAUCE- MILD                                            1st          Gindo’s - Jalapeno & Pickled Onion Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Crum’s- Cool Cucumber Jalapeno

                                                                                3rd           Spices of the Sun- Orange Mango Inferno


HOT SAUCE- MEDIUM                                        1st          Parson’s Meadow Farm- Habernac C’est Chaud Hot Maple

                                                                                2nd          Men Pa’w- Green Peppa Madness

                                                                                3rd           Umami’s Boy- Serrano-Cactus Mojo Sauce


HOT SAUCE- HOT                                              1st          Hotter than El- 1901 Roasted Red Ale Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Pepper Junkie- Sweet Heat Sauce

                                                                                3rd           ChillER Manufaktura- Chameleon Sauce


HOT SAUCE- X-TRA HOT                                 1st          Crum’s – Ghost Pepper Sauce

                                                                                2nd          Poppamie’s- Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Burning Angel- Fever Sauce


HOT SAUCE- ULTRA HOT                                1st          Hellfire Hot Sauce- Fiery Fool

                                                                                2nd          Fructele Pamantului- Sos Iute Reaper Sauce

                                                                                3rd           Pot Uno’s Infamous Hotsauce- Assbuster



CRUNCHY SNACKS                                           1st          AshaPops- Chili Lime Water Lily Seeds

                                                                                2nd          Flathaus Fine Foods- Cheese Straws

                                                                                3rd           WisConian Delectables- Some Like it Hotter Chips


SWEET & SPICY SNACKS                                1st          NutKrack- FireKracker Chili-Candied Pecans

                                                                                2nd          Maverick Chocolate Co.- Fahrenheit 513 Chocolate

                                                                                3rd           Q’s Nuts- Cayenne Mango Cashews


BLOODY MARY                                                  1st          100 Mile Sauce Company- Spicy Bloody Mix

                                                                                2nd          Top Tomato- Tomato Cocktail Mix

                                                                                3rd           Smokin’ Mary- Smoked Bloody Mix



Bloody Mary    


  First        Smokin' Mary- Green with Envy
  Second    Parkway Craft Beverages- Craft Caesar
  Third       Polar Bear Kitchen- Classic Bloody Mary

Soft Drinks      


  First         Nessalla Kombucha- Watermelon Hops
  Second    Christina Maser Co.- Blueberry Shrub

  Third        Let It Ride Coffee- Organic Cold Brew




  First         Built by Bees- Orange Blossom Honey Vinegar
  Second    Oliver Farms Artisan Oils- Sunflower Oil

  Third        Burning Angel- Chili Oil No. 2




  First         Zach's Pesto & Chili- Black Truffle  Pesto w/ Italian Cheese
  Second    Big Mama's Sauce- Funky Creole Sauce

  Third        Chef Gerrie, LLC.- Roasted Red Pepper Slather



  First         Angel's Share- Cabarrus Gold Mustard
  Second    Hungarian Chili Farmer- Honey & the BEEast Mustard

  Third        Born to Hula- Yellow Dill Mustard




  First         Bow Valley- Killa Ketchup
  Second    Olchili- West Side Tomato Sauce

  Third        Hot Sauce U- Black Garlic Ketchup


Herb Blend Seasoning      


  First         Steamin' Steve's- Garlic Herb Seasoning
  Second    Tastin' Jamaican- Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

  Third        Grim Reaper- Charred Remains 


Spice Rub 


  First         Wing-A-Lings- Cajun Clyde's
  Second    B.T. Leighs Sauce & Rubs- Somethin' for Rubbin'

  Third        Salty Wahine Hawaiian Sea Salts- Hawaiian Rub


Spice Blend      


  First         Curio Spice Co.- Fleur Spice
  Second    Show-Me BBQ Co.- Caribbean Spice Blend

  Third        Casa M. Spice Co.- Chained Reaction




  First         Salty Wahine Hawaiian Sea Salts- Guava Garlic Salt
  Second    Christina Maser Co.- Citrus & Rosemary Salt Blend

  Third        Warrant Man Pepper Co.- Arson Salt




  First         Circle B Ranch, LLC- Pineapple Pork Stick
  Second    River Watch - Spiced Beef Jerky

  Third        Katie's Premium Meats & Jerky- Ginger Beef Jerky




  First         Q' Nuts- Spiced Almonds
  Second    Nutkrack, LLC.- Candied Pecans

  Third        Goodson Pecans- Vanilla Espresso Pecans


Sweet Treats      

  First         Maverick Chocolate Co.- Lemon Lavender White Chocolate
  Second    How Sweet It Is- Rosemary Pecan Brittle Bites

  Third        WisConian Delectables- Apple Pie Crust Chips


Crunchy Snacks      


  First         Slide Gourmet Potato Chips- Pizza Flavor Potato Chipds
  Second    Potter's Crackers- Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps

  Third        River City Savories- Kale Krisps


Pickled Veggies     


  First         Powerful Pepper Co.- Hot Pickled Okra
  Second    My Chilli- Cucumber Relish

  Third        Beepa's- Pickled Mushrooms




  First         Kipimana Hawaiian Granola- Coconut Macadamia w/ Turmeric
  Second    Golden Girl Granola-  Forest Maple

  Third        Alskinny Brothers- Maple Cinnamon




  First         Jars of Goodness- Paradise in a Jar
  Second    Gables Delight- Raspberry Lychee

  Third        K's European Jams, LLC- Pear Vanilla


Fruit Spread      


  First         Johnson Berry Farm- Tayberry Spread
  Second    Akaka Falls Farms-  Tangerine Hawaiian Pineapple

  Third        Le Bon Magot, LLC- Spiced Raisin Marmalata




  First         ChillER Manufaktura- Fusion Honey
  Second    Mtn. Honey- Sourwood Honey

  Third        Akaka Falls Farms- Mango Honey


Nut Butters      


  First         PB Love- Salty Peanut
  Second    Goodson Pecans- Cinnamon Pecan Butter

  Third        Built by Bees- Whipped Honey Pecan Butter


Grilling Sauce       


  First         University of Que, LLC- G.P.A. Sauce
  Second    Rising Smoke Sauceworks- Drunken Smokehouse Sauce

  Third        Full Boar BBQ- Sweet & Spicy Sauce


Spicy Grilling Sauce      


  First         Uncle Mungo's - Bhut Jholokia BBQ Sauce
  Second    Show-Me BBQ Co. - Some Heat BBQ Sauce

  Third        Klowns on Fire!- Extreme Mango Reaper


Fruit Sauce      


  First         Jake & Aimee's Sauces- Smokey Apricot Sauce
  Second    TD's Brew & BBQ- Cherry Chipotle Sauce

  Third       Le Bon Magot- White Pumpkin Murabba


Ethnic Sauce     


  First         UrbanQ Smokehouse- Creole Sauce
  Second    Flavor Temptations- Tika Masala Sauce

  Third        Hotsauce.hu- Jerk Sauce


Spicy Sauce    


  First         Sacred Sauce- Sacred Sauce
  Second    13 Angry Scorpions- Jekyll & Hyde

  Third        Pot Uno's Infamous Sauce- PainApple Sauce


Marinade/Steak Sauce   


  First         Big John's- Steak & Chop Sauce
  Second    Bow Valley BBQ, Inc.-  Blueberry Merlot

  Third        ChillER Manufaktura- Don Papa Sauce




  First         My Salsa- Medium Salsa
  Second    Peppy Pete's- Cilantro Key Lime Salsa 

  Third        Bow Valley BBQ, Inc.- Sweet Chili Corn Salsa


Unique Salsa  


  First         Khalsa Salsa- Indian Fusion Salsa
  Second    Christelle's Culinary Corner- Island Green 

  Third        Umami's Boy- Tomatillo Green Apple Salsa




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